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Thread: Who's gonna win the NBA championship this year?

  1. Who's gonna win the NBA championship this year?

    I would like to know everyone's opinion on who's gonna be this year's NBA champion. For sure, I bet for the LA Lakers. Their transition play both in offense and defense are really impressive with Kobe Bryant as their main man, as also backups like Gasol, Odom, Bynum, Ariza and Fisher are a great tandem for the team's rotation, and coach Phil Jackson has been the master of the play as he won numerous championships since the Jordan era.

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    La Lakers for sure...
    They are my favourites. i dont like any other team. they are just superb. Kobe is the present fav of mine,... he alone can get them the championship... he he he

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    I will choose Cavs...cavs also have an amazing chance...

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    well i am a fan of the LA lakers and would love them to win the championships, however i think this time the bulls is the one i am putting my hat in the ring for

  5. Bulls are really deserved to be in the Finals this year, but were only outsmarted by the Celtics, and even their series is a record breaking in a TV network. But still, I bet for LA Lakers because of their good transition offense and defense being set by the expert Phil Jackson. lebron is the MVP, but his Cavs are no match to Kobe's Lakers for sure.

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    well i am a bulls fan,so i would like to agree with neo, the lakers will reach the playoffs though, i think kobe will be MVP,

  7. It's already Lakers vs. Magic in the Finals. The "Dream Match" of the Lakers and Cavs is still a dream, which Lebron and his Cavs failed to accomplish that goal because of the lack of his teammates' support, which Orlando is a tough team. He was disappointed though and never talked in a single word as he leaves the arena, according to Yahoo NBA news today. Still, Lakers will be the champion for me.

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