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Thread: Why girls closed their eyes when kissing?

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    Because girls don't want to see boys happy !

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    Because they feel very strong feeling during kiss.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Stavros View Post
    So that they don't have to look at you.
    Damn... beat me to it.

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    Its the passion and feeling during the kiss.

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    Just to enjoy it completely... leaving the world behind.......

    - Digital -

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    Both people should close their eyes while kissing. It's done so you don't have to stare at each other from 1 inch away.
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    man also close there eyes when they kiss woman

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  9. Quote Originally Posted by kirorian View Post
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    Are you serious? Why is this in this thread?

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    Don't worry, this is like his second post. :P I've never kissed before, but if I would, I would close my eyes. It gives you the successful and warm feeling of enjoying the kiss properly.

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