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Thread: Why People Believe Invisible Agents Control the World

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    Why People Believe Invisible Agents Control the World

    Souls, spirits, ghosts, gods, demons, angels, aliens, intelligent designers, government conspirators, and all manner of invisible agents with power and intention are believed to haunt our world and control our lives. Why?

    The answer has two parts, starting with the concept of “patternicity,” which I defined in my December 2008 column as the human tendency to find meaningful patterns in meaningless noise. Consider the face on Mars, the Virgin Mary on a grilled cheese sandwich, satanic messages in rock music. Of course, some patterns are real. Finding predictive patterns
    in changing weather, fruiting trees, migrating prey animals and hungry predators was central to the survival of Paleolithic hominids.

    Why People Believe Invisible Agents Control the World: Scientific American

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  2. Good read thanks!

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    My opinion about the invisible forces, agents, imagine, do you think a man knew 500 year ago that something called Internet will be created ? no, simply because we don't have the capacity to think further enough, beyond the limits of the world we see, we know, doesn't exclude something else. You don't need to create books or be scientific to know that. Everything we have is the result of our actions but if we don't understand some things yet... means we as humanity, community aren't prepared for that step, see the Internet again.
    There are some "signs" but again some people are crazy because they see signs everywhere. Less than 1% are "signs" probably, or less and signs are not everyday or every month.
    May be scarry but i saw "signs" in my dreams related to the future and were true. Didn't knew they are signs, after that things happened i realised. How i knew they were signs? well few years ago, my grandmother died, in a dream with around 2 weeks or so before my father death i saw it in my dream telling me that something bad will happen, etc ( can't describe very well in english ), and after that my father died, no one expected such i thing. There are others 'signs", with and accident in the shop i worked.
    That's why and not only, i tell the people to believe there is something above us, doesn't matter the religion.
    Important is to live your life as human and don't panic thinking at some "forces". Be positive, there are more material things that ghosts in this world except the houses with ghosts... If you don't live in Transylania you don't know them, LOL

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    What? I thought everyone believed that Bill Gates and Google controlled the world......Oh yeah and Oprah

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    They're all wrong. It's not invisible agents, it's the aliens...And I know it because David Vincent has seen them...
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    Think a little deeper... We are the aliens.
    Ghosts or anything related to to it doesn't exist.
    Signs, dreams, etc... are brain's calculations and patterns built of information we had put into our brain through or senses. That's it.

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    Brain wash in the modern society.

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    I don’t think that ghosts, demons, aliens etc. control our lives. Actually those phantom things are just mental illusions and nothing but some urban myths. But I do believe in a Creator, the God that controls our lives and everything in this universe. Anyway, there may invisible intelligent() conspirators exist that take part individually to lead a Government in a different way to fulfill their needs and greed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by homebizseo View Post
    What? I thought everyone believed that Bill Gates and Google controlled the world......Oh yeah and Oprah

    It's all about the googol.
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