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Thread: Wife getting a new Kindle Fire

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    Wife getting a new Kindle Fire

    Two days ago, wife got excited that her kindle fire was not charging.
    I went to wally world and got a new charging cable.
    Did not work!
    Wife could not find her warrantee, etc.
    But found the number to call amazon.
    So she did.
    Anyways, after the rep checked her amazon account (I had to add our cc to her account), he said no problem.
    New one will be on the way at once!
    So now waiting for UPS to deliver (any time here up to 7pm) her new Kindle Fire.
    Tell you, that is damn good service from Amazon!

    As an aside, since Amazon said they were sold out (like last month), I told wife maybe, just maybe, you will get the new one.
    The one with the camera, etc.
    Will see when it comes in.

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    Wife was pacing the floor yesterday, just sure that either UPS would make us the last delivery of that day at around 7pm or that a mistake was made and it was on the wrong truck.
    But about 330pm, she sees the UPS truck pull up.
    Yes, got her new kindle.
    But not the new ones due out, Amazon said they are not made yet. (weird to advertise something not yet made?).
    Anyways, wife got it out of box, hooked it up, got it signed in, set up the wifi (got wifi here) and downloaded a few of her favorite games (words with friends, a must have for anyone).
    I got the case off the old one, and put it on the new one.
    So far, as of now, she is quite happy.

    Have up to 30 days to put old kindle in box and mail it back.

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    Sounds like good service. My wife had a similar experience with Dell when a monitor went out. Makes a major difference when they stand behind the product.
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    Wife is enjoying her new kindle.
    Found out yesterday, while she was clearing out the old one of all her information and all, that it is charging!
    Anyways, got the return label printed out, got the old kindle and charger in the box.
    Just have to tape it up (must remember to get tape) and slap on the return label.
    Then take it to UPS (wherever that may be), told wife if she sees a UPS box (am thinking either wally world or walgreens has them in front), just drop it in.

    I might get the new one....have yet to decide with one though.
    Will be out end of November.

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    Okay, that kindle gave up the ghost! and out of warranty.
    So got her a new one.
    She got it Tuesday.

    Then I got mine today!!!
    Yes, joined the kindle world.

    Last friday evening I ordered my wife's new kindle.
    On monday found out that amazon was selling all kindles at 15% off! Only on monday...
    So I sent an email to them and asked if I could get that 15% off on the friday purchase.
    And bam!
    Email back from them was short, yes of course!
    So got a refund back on my cc for that!
    Got to love Amazon!

    So much, that Monday I order me a kindle!
    And got it today.
    Will be spending some quality time with it later.

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    Still have an iPad 1 i got for Christmas a coupla years ago from BOTW staff.

    They arent a replacement for work, but for browsing or reading these little things are awesome.
    Mine is encased in an OtterBox... it'd take a nuclear attack to break it.
    -- Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup. --

  7. #7 damn thing for an iphone!
    But good enough for up to a 45 or a 50 caliber shot to the heart.

    Good for kindle also.
    My wife got her case today.
    Me, I got something else (and in purple no less!).

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