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Thread: Will Power!

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    Will Power!

    What are your tips for developing Will Power?


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    I agree with bogart as motivation plays a main role for Will power!

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  5. Willpower can only give you a temporary boost to get yourself to start working, but it will deplete quickly. Self discipline, constant motivation; deadlines, goals are what makes you persist.

    The best advice I've seen on the matter is from Steve Pavlina and I highly recommend everyone to read and apply those principles Self-Discipline

    Another good piece:
    When asked during an interview how he managed to reach the top as a professional bodybuilder and Hollywood actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger replied with a single word, "Drive!" All great success ultimately begins with an idea, but what makes ideas become reality is the fuel of human desire. An idea by itself can give you a temporary feeling of inspiration, but burning desire is what gets you through all the perspiration necessary to overcome the inevitable obstacles along the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diesel View Post
    My tip is to follow Mr. Will.Spencer to develop your Will power .
    Yeah, he has made such a wonderful forum and not forget thousand times better then DP.

  7. Whenever I think about my past and our financial condition than I get charged again . Lol i have covered a good distance in short period and now one can stop me on the way off success . Aim is to provide all luxuries to my parents so they can spend future life enjoying .

    They did so much for us and Now think that what you can do for them and how you can do that . This is my Will Power .

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    my family is what helps my will power

    btw, I thought this was going to be "will.spencer" power
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    Be a ugly cheerleader and you will win will power.



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