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Thread: Windows 7

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    Windows 7

    What do you think of it? I'm using at the moment and I think it's great, multitasking has improved a lot and I highly recommend it.

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    Re: Windows 7

    Yes I agree with you I love windows 7 because of the ease of multi tasking and it eats up less of my computers resources.

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    Re: Windows 7

    Everyone knows that I hate 7 :P

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    Re: Windows 7

    I didn't :P

    Why don't you like it?

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    Re: Windows 7

    [quote name="The Hat Tipper"]Everyone knows that I hate 7 :P[/quote]

    I didn't! Windows 7 rocks I think. :tup: :lol2:

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    Re: Windows 7

    I love windows 7 for everything but MSN, It's harder to see whether anyone has replied to you or not.

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    Re: Windows 7

    I dont really like windows 7 much i prefer windows vista mainly because i hate the taskbar on windows 7 its so annoying espeically if u have lots of tabs for one program such as msn or if your using internet explorer etc...

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    Re: Windows 7

    [quote name="Daniel"]I didn't :P

    Why don't you like it?[/quote]

    It has too many features and looks weird and stupid, plus I can't figure it out :P

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    Re: Windows 7

    Haha @ can't figure it out x3

    What do you mean to many features?

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    Re: Windows 7

    Windows 7 is a really good operating system.

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