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Thread: Wish Me Luck, Net Builders...

  1. Thanks, everyone, for your kind words!

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    I am glad she is fine and recovering.

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    My mom may die tonight. She has bad, bad terminal cancer. Pray for her. I'm off to the hospital.
    What sort of cancer does she have, and what occurred to have her receive placement in a hospital? Also, why did the hospital let her check out after a "miraculous" recovery? Was the cancer terminated? Naturally or through a medical process? If not, then she didn't recover and shouldn't have been left out. If it was terminated, she should have been held for observation for at least an additional 24 to 48 hours. I'm sorry if I sound like a jerk, I'm just seeing a lot of weird holes in your story here.

  4. She has breast cancer that grew to a Stage IV when it spread to her liver and lymph nodes. They did a full mastectomy a few months ago, the first day of school for her (5th grade teacher), but it wasn't in time.

    She got put on a rigorous chemotherapy plan of Avastin and Abraxane (maybe Abraxil?), and she went once every Thursday afternoon, and therefore couldn't teach the following day, because the radiation made her weak. She said that it felt like cold water going through her blood stream.

    She was having shortness of breath when they took her in. She started feeling better halfway through the night and her breathing and heart rate became regular. They called the oncologist in and he said that what she was feeling was unrelated to the cancer, but to keep a close eye, as the cancer, as well as the chemo, destroy the immune system.

    The cancer wasn't terminated yet that we know of. She has a CT and PET scan next week (went to get the barium shakes to drink (orange flavor) today), so we'll find out in three weeks whether or not the chemo is working or if she's, pardon the language, shit outta luck.

    I understand your skepticism. There are a lot of sympathy-craving liars on the forum. But I'm not going to joke around about something like this. Mom's been through enough already. The chemo is burning her hands literally from the inside.

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