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Thread: Woman fined $1.92 million

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    Woman fined $1.92 million

    Jury rules against Minn. woman in download case - Yahoo! News

    Imagine getting sued for 24 songs @ $80,000 per song.

    I find it quite odd how they keep offering $3500 as a settlement.

    One thing I can say is thank god I own the CDs for all my songs
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    I tell you its not worth downloading or sharing copyrighted products. With all the websites around like apple and other @.99 a song why risk it.

    Notice even though they won they are still willing to settle cheaper. This lady just isnt getting the big picture she will not win.

    Whats funnier is the claim they will never get the money from her. She better hope she doesn't own anything since a simple levy paper can be filed and processed with the sheriffs and they will auction off here property to recoup some of the settlement.

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    So far I've only downloaded one song, cos I can't fecking buy the song from Amazon or iTunes! -_-

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    I used to download a few songs but this was before i knew about i tunes but nowadays I use cds

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    I think the music industry really needs to take a look at where it is standing. Sueing people for millions of dollars isn't really going to fix their problem and most people will never pay it anyway.

    For example one day I was looking for a CD to buy online by Ministry of Sound and I could find no where to buy it online and download. The fact is that it is easier to download it illegally than to buy it which really if the music industry was embracing technology it should be easier to buy.

    I think the music industry often only has itself to blame.
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    Wow. That's evil. I hope she wins on appeal.

    It's sad, but a recent study reports that people who pirate music are more likely than non-piraters to buy music later.

    Study: pirates biggest music buyers. Labels: yeah, right - Ars Technica

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  7. At that rate if i got caught i would owe literally a over a few billion lol

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    $1.92 million? wow, I don't think she's going to pay the fine.

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    Heck, that's far too much

    The music industry might be losing money because of the downloads, but they should think the other way too. Would some bands sell as much CD's if nobody could ever download their songs?

    It's because of downloading music illegally from The Offspring that I started to love them and bought a CD from them. What I do now is just listen to music on Youtube, it consumes a lot of bandwidth since in Belgium there are monthly bandwidth limits, but heck I won't get sued for that I guess..

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  10. she looks depressed in that picture..

    btw, any ideas how that Shawn Hogan case ended up?

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