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Thread: The World's Best-Selling Candy

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    The World's Best-Selling Candy

    And the results are in! Here are the world's best-selling candies for 2009! Did your favourite make the list?

    The World's Best-Selling Candies: M&M's Are No. 1 - BusinessWeek

    Mine didn't make the list. My favourites are Baci balls. They aren't very good, and I'm intolerant to chocolate, but they're fun to eat! I love the little love notes in multiple languages.

    What's your favourite?

    Diet Fads

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    Milky Way is one of my favs. I like Gorant's Chocolate bars with the caramel in the middle mhm
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  3. My favorite ones are at the top of the list - M&M's. I try to keep a jar of them on my home computer desk. When the kids and grand kids come over, they know where to go to get candy.

  4. mmm.. it's been a while since I ate M&M's, just thinking about them makes me hungry for chocolate

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    From that list I only know M&M's My favorite candy should be Twix or Snickers
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    Twix FTW

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    i love dairy milk

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