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Thread: Would you pay ?

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    Would you pay ?

    Recently i hire a freelancer programmer to enhance my site but end up he installing a time bomb on my site and still asking me to pay for it.
    SO my question, would you pay ?

    1. I show him everything include my site, extra plugin, result and everything to him. " He promise can do it and done in six hour time"

    2. When he start doing the job he make huge complaint on most of the thing is not compatible and bla then request me to pay more. " Hello i do show him everything before he start the job" and i do show him, after what he done, the site seem like crash very often, but he ignore it.

    3. Half way of the job he disappear, then my site crash, i msg/email him but no reply.

    4. After 22 hour (i uninstall what he did), he don't even want to take the responsibility on the crash or redo it and keep blaming this and that, till i show him the proof, that the stuff he done cause the crash, then he blame the plugin.

    5. After three day later (yah 3 day later), he send me a threaten email and ask me to pay, also complaint abt me changing all password.

    For me i won't pay cause :
    1. He din't keep the promise/agreement.
    2. The site is not getting better but a time bomb.
    3. The attitude make me can't trust him (pushing and blaming)

    Will u guy pay this guy ?

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