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Thread: Wow. That's SOME pig

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    Wow. That's SOME pig

    This giant feral pig was shot on a Pilbara, Australia, cattle station after it was spotted eating a dead cow.

    The picture has been circulating on the Internet alongside claims the boar was killed at various locations across the continent. It had been written off as a hoax by many, including the local Department of Environment and Conservation, and sparked much debate when published on the Web site for newspaper PerthNow.

    Australian Paper Confirms Giant Pig Killed by Farmer - International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News -

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    Thats one hell of a pig man!

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    lol. Nice share, I have had never seen that kinda pig.

  4. That is a pretty standard pig

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    (8) Feed the world, do they now it's christmas time.. (8)

    Let's share the pig with 3rd-world countries, they will have enough meat for another 5 years
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    Wow how many bullets did it take to kill that pig??? Did that pig by any chance stumble accross some ooze like the Ninja Turtles?
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    OMG!! that is the hugest pig I have ever seen!! Imagine that thing running at yu at full speed!!! WOW!

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