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Website Description: A brand new site for the fans of the technology and the computers.You can have instant online help from our technicians for any kind of problem you might have.Also at the Community forum you can check the latest Tech news and disquss anything you want with people around the world.

Our Goal: We are trying to help people who are not familiar with computers,we will try to answer and teach them fast,step by step and ofcourse out of charge.

Your name on the Board: deRadian

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1. Why did you create this site

Answer:The answer is simple,i would like to help people who are not experts with computers to bypass their problems.

2. Can I Apply for staff?


3.Who is your target audience?

Answer:Every one who might have problem or question about computers.

4.Is it free?

Answer:Absolutely out of charge

5.Why choose you

Answer:Theres a great society,out of charge and we support online help

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