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Thread: Xbox 360 vs PS3

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    Xbox 360 vs PS3

    one of the most heated debates going on. Both are reall powerful entertainment machines. Which do you think is better?
    I prefer Microsoft's xbox 360 due to the large number of games available. What do you think?

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    Well I think that PS3 is better than XBOX 360 because I heard that XBOX 360 isn't very long lasting I mean I heard that XBOX 360 breaks quickly and about games why XBOX have more is because PS3 is quite new console so in future it will have more and more games.

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    I'd have to say I'd go with the XBOX 360 rather than the PS3. I think this way just because the majority of gaming that I do, which is very little, is all online. I do agree I love the fact that PS3's network is all free. However, as far as online game play is concerned, XBOX 360 blows the PS3 out of the water. That's why I like XBOX a little more.

    By the way, has anyone seen XBOX's next system? It looks like it'll be crazy!

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    I think it's a waste of money Firstly, i don't like PC games. Secondly, it's better to buy a PC, becouse you will be able to play the games and it has lots of additional functions.

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    Hy , i prefer ps3 because has blu-ray player , you can play but still watch BR movies , witch at the moment is the highest clarity .
    Ps3 has fever games but it has appeared later then Xbox360
    I thing that most people like Xbox360 because you can modd it and play withdought wasting any money on games
    And , ps3 is more powerful then Xbox 360

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