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Xtreme Wrestling Society (XWS) is an online e-federation. It's great fun & provides a good understanding to how the wrestling business works as well as passing good time on the internet. Unlike many (and the majority) of other e-feds, we use a system in which YOU write your own match parts, promos, segments & interviews. XWS Management will book you in a match against an opponent(s). You will each write a match and the GM will grade the match by scoring it. They use a grading scale to figure out how many points you should get for each category. Whoever gets the most points overall wins.

We Use the FreeForum System (phpbb3) and the Stylish Style Ever Made in FreeForums for a E-Fed Forum.

Our Main Service is to Know you the True Meaning of FUN through E-fedding. and To make you Fun in our Board. We Have the Nicest Staff that can Help you to E-Fed.

We Also Talk about Anything. Gaming to News. and We Do Also GFX Needs. And Share your YouTube Accounts.

So... What are you Waiting For! Registration Will Be 30 seconds or 1 Minute.

XWS. Living The Xtreme To The Fullest


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