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Thread: Are you male or female

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    Male here too. This male "domination" reminds me of politics.

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    Male, well I'm not an official adult yet as I'm just 15 (almost 16) but I guess I can say I'm a young male
    |Nico Lawsons

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    I'm a smooth ale

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    Male. What do you think? ehh?

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    Female here.

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    Red blooded and well built Male here with a large ego too rofl

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    One interesting point almost nobody ever sees is that really there is no real need to ask the question of if they are male or female.

    The reason for that is because if you read several posts and are intitutive you can tell who is female and who is male by their writing structure, by they way they respond to questions or similar.

    Typical example is pretend a person gives out to someone else, watch the reply and 99% of the time if the reply is agressive or pushy it is a male. If the reply is "oooh I am so sorry etc it is a woman...

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