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Thread: Your favorite Domain Extension?

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    Cool Your favorite Domain Extension?

    Besides the regular .com, .net, .org what is your favorite domain extension to use for sites?

    Well as for me, when I cannot get any of those regular extension I like to use .info or .bz.

    So guys what's your favorite domain extension?

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    my fav. is .info as they are cheap and best for testing any niche . I always but .info first.

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    my fav. is .info as they are cheap and best for testing any niche . I always but .info first.
    yeah .info domains are cheap but as you know google prefers .com domains, so if you want to get quick traffic to your site opt for a .com domain.

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    .biz - for business sites, I will buy one in future when I gather a lot of cash
    .info - for sites that I am willing to buy and immideatly sell for more

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    I'm gonna have to go with .info. Although I only have one registered, it seems to be doing alright.

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    To be honest, when I, personally, am searching Google, I always take a glimpse of a url. To me .com is the best, then .net, then .org. Well, actually .edu is the best, but none of us will ever get one of those!

    I won't visit a .info site and I definitely would never buy one. If I want to test a niche, I'll use, to be honest.

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    .com are the best actually they are accepted every where and always being in craze.
    They are also google friendly.

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