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Thread: Your Favorite Movies?

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    Your Favorite Movies?

    What are some of your favorite movies?

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    RE: Your Favorite Movies?

    Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Star Wars, The Truman Show, Karate Kid, and many more

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    RE: Your Favorite Movies?

    Ny favorite movie was Fight club.

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    My favorite movies are:

    - Crank
    - Social Network
    - The Cable Guy
    - Ace Ventura
    - Bruce all Mighty.

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    I love to watching movies so much. And my best favorite movies list is as under :-

    1. 300
    2. Ghost rider
    3. Terminator 3
    4. Spider man 2
    5. Anaconda.

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    I really like to watch movies. My most favorite movies are :-

    1. The Descendants
    2. Senna
    3. We Need To Talk About Kevin
    4. Beginners
    5. The Tree of Life.

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    My favorite movies are Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, Troy, Residence Evil, Harry Potter, The Haunting, We Need To Talk About Kevin, Social Network, Terminator and The Mummy. I like to watch all these movies over and over. These all movies are give full entertainment.

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    The last movie that I watch was "Taare Zameen Pe". This is very good movie and is somewhere indicating the good education is useful for our child. After watching this movie I was very worrying for the education of my 5 years old child and for this I have admitted one of them to play schools in bangalore and 2nd one to nursery school in pune. I am also looking these days for best play school franchise in india so that I can get more on this which is beneficial for the future of my children.

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    Avatar, matrix, harry potter are my favorite movies.

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    My favorite movies are
    Baby days out

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