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Thread: Your favorite TV shows?

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    I love the shows Lost, Heroes, Scrubs, Friends (was a great run), House and South Park.

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    My favorite television shows? God this is quite the hard one. I'd have to say that my favorites television sitcoms would have to be mainly two. That 70's Show and Weeds, which is a Cinemax show. They both crack me up to no end. If you haven't watched Weeds, I highly advise checking it out!

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    My favourite ones would be:
    Family guy
    American dad
    Dr. House
    The office
    Stargate(probably all of them)

    Canīt remember any other right now :P

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    I don't have my favourite TV show and I don't spend much time in front of TV. I usually watch news only

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    Well my favorite shows are Desperate Housewives, Scrubs, How I met Your Mother, Heroes, Family Guy, Simpsons, Secret Life Of An American Teenager, Lost & Prison Break..

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    My favorite Tv show is hammah montana,heroes,house

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    The Sarah Connor Chronicles follows the life of Sarah and her son John as they run and try to evade the "terminators" or high-tech robots from the future that were sent to "terminate " or annihilate them.

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    family guy by far. No comparison

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    I like the tc show "LOST"
    i have seen all the seasons till now and have its collection
    looking forward to nxt years last season 6

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    My favorite was Heores Now watching Entertainment K liya kuch vi karega also Some Drama serials going on,loving to watch them

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