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Thread: Your favorite TV shows?

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    Post Your favorite TV shows?

    Hello guys I actually like to watch heroes(can't wait for the 4th season),Dr house,Desperate housewives and prison break. What's your favorite shows?

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    My favorite is " Lost ", I watched Heroes Season 1 only, but Lost is my favorite, I frking love it!

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    I really like Dr House ,All the CSI,And Prison Breaks

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    I watch "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," "Coupling," and some old stuff like "Star Trek: Next Generation."

    So it's basically the following genres: sarcastic and sick humor, sex, and geeky space stuff.

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    My favourite show is Prison Break.

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    My favorite TV show is "Gunsmoke".

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    Oh my, I have a LOT. My favorite show would have to be Gossip Girl, I absolutely love it & I never miss an episode. I also like Desperate Housewives and Prison Break (but lost interest when they cut the woman's head and then magically puts it back on the next season, I mean like are you for real?).

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    only "LOST"

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    The Simpsons
    Family Guy

    great shows!

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    I like to watch singing competition.

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