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Thread: Was your formal education fun for you?

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    Was your formal education fun for you?

    ...and does it help's you with current job?

    Trough my formal education I had a dozen interesting courses, and few of them are beneficial now.
    But fun at courses, those were rear moments ^^.

    I was pleasantly surprised when I sow this videos where ppl are trying to make fun schools:
    The Blue man group school
    Story about education

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    My school education is not sufficient to a job but i did 3 years computer diploma and i got job.

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    I finished the course of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and it really helps me a lot, I got a nice job and also I enhance my skills more.

    My favorite Japanese Restaurant

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    Jammy you said absolutely right words. I did ITI course from Government then i got a job.

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