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Thread: Your Future

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    Your Future

    Where do you see yourself and your website/business 10 years from now. I can imagine myself earning thousands every week from my website and my services and enjoying life. Maybe early retirement
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  2. Hopefully still alive and kicking. It would be nice to not to go to work each day to pay for my web habits
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    I don't see myself working on the internet full time, im 15 years old now, so go to university (learning graphic design or architecture) then get a job revolving one of them and then in my free time try to get some extra cash over the internet.

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    i see nothing in online/website/business for myself
    i am looking to do mba in 2 more years so will continue in job till then and lets ee where future has in hold for us

  5. I see myself collecting royalty payments and enjoying a more relaxed lifestyle.

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    Ahh, now that sounds nice. Let us know when you crack it!
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