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Thread: Your ISP?

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    I won't say my exact ISP, they're local so it's not a great idea. However they don't offer very fast speeds where I live, we're decently far from their center so the cables don't support as much as they should really. My connection usually tops at 250kbps while downloading via Bittorrent, and only for an extremely well seeded file.

    I haven't found them to store logs though, so if they do it's not something that's been a bother to me.

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    Virgin Media, and the arses keep throttling my internet. 7kb/s down a broadband line is NOT right.

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    Cox, never really had a problem with them, very fast.

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    Im using DSL here so fast

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    Have DSL at both through Verizon...other is Century.....very fast and I did elect to go with the fastest offered....

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    I&#39;m with tiscali, which are owned by talktalk who I love <3

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    I&#39;m using MobileOne1 for my ISP currently.

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