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Thread: Your ISP?

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    Your ISP?

    Who is your ISP? I use Xannadoo, and I hate them, seriously. My internet sucks.

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    Re: Your ISP?

    I use Virgin for my internet, My Nan uses tiscali which in my opinion should just freaking die.

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    Re: Your ISP?

    I have two ISP's : Alliance BroadBand Services and BSNL (Bharatiya Sanchar Nigam Limited) . One's unlimited and the other's limited .

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    Re: Your ISP?

    My ISP is Virgin Media... they are ok though I would prefer BT myself.

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    Re: Your ISP?

    I use Talk Talk, they are really crap. Slow speeds and takes about 1 week for the dns cache to clear.

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    Re: Your ISP?

    I have Mediacom :-/ they are alright but really the only option in my town for the most part.

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    Re: Your ISP?

    I use Virgin Media/ NTL and to be fair to them my internet runs pretty fast so its good for me

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    I use Virgin aswell. I am really happy with it. I used to use Supanet (Google them) and i finally got my dad to move away from them. They were terrible.

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    BT Really sucks, my friend has it and the internet always shut down, and its very slow.. By the sounds of it Virgin seems to be good, I'm using UPC Ireland It's slow but Its ok for me when im not downloading..

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    CMA but they just resell Cox.

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