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Thread: Your username?

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    RE: Your username?

    Dawn of war Ascension,

    Laeresh is the Exarch of the Guardian, Uldreth the Exarch of the Dead.

    I use both for nicknames, it's easy for a 2 name nick and also when you have games that your display name may not be your username. ( such as LOL )

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    RE: Your username?

    Short for Wizard, decide to make it short. Means nothing lol

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    RE: Your username?

    It's my name

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    RE: Your username?

    I got mine from my favorite Greek God

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    RE: Your username?

    I have no idea where my name comes from. I just thought of a word, Fusion, and edited a little. PHusion.

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    RE: Your username?

    Hotspot is from the character Hotspot from the show Teen Titans.

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