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Thread: Youtube Sucks!

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    Youtube Sucks!

    With millions of users you would think that Youtube would approach licensed content, comments, or quality better. Instead, finding high quality videos is hard, "spam" videos run amok, and they are even inconsistent in removing licensed content. Some are removed, some have the audio taken out, and some actually replace the audio with crappy music. WTF Youtube?

    Hulu, Vimeo, and Veoh are handling youtube's revolutionary idea in a better way. Veoh allows licensed content to be post and even downloaded if you just use their web player. And you don't even have to use it, just install it and go to the website!

    Hulu is amazing because it works WITH licensed content, providing relevant ads, high quality streams, and the latest of your favorite shows available online if you missed a season. You can even watch entire seasons of shows that are over now.

    Vimeo is great for high quality user-generated content, and their HD upload is awesome. Plus, they don't squish the quality as much in conversion.

    And all three sites have a much nicer community than youtube. You would think YT would disable comments altogether by now. Seriously, those are some angry people!

    I'm disappointed, especially since Google bought youtube to improve upon it, and I just see it going more and more downhill. The way they handle ads is even worse. Why not segment the video like other services? And the revolutionary "annotations" get in the way of the video's content.

    What do you think?

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    I have to agree. YouTube has gone downhill, however one of the reasons seems to be caused in a massive reduction of Ad Revenue. YouTube has actually become a finanical loss to Google ofer the past year...
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    Yes, there is discrimination to... when I'm searching videos I regurarly see:
    This video is not available for your country.

    Well if it's not available for my country, why is it in the search results? They should filter them. Why do they even list 'removed' videos? Is it just to get me angry or?

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