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Thread: ZonePlace - General/Entertainment Discussion

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    ZonePlace - General/Entertainment Discussion

    Forum Name: ZonePlace

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    Forum Description: ZonePlace is a fairly new discussion forum based on the General and Entertainment Sector. We cater to those in need of a place to express their thoughts and opinions on virtually anything. One of our growing sections is our articles. We hope that we can provide an area where different users can create more elaborate posts and find an audience that shares the same interests and opinions. There are other features to our site such as the arcade and downloads section that we hope will interest other users.

    I realize that the site still needs work and is rough around the edges (which we are working on), but if you can give suggestions and whatnot that would be a great help.


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    Re: ZonePlace - General/Entertainment Discussion

    It looks nice and I also like the name, activity levels seem reasonable as well. Keep up the good work

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    Re: ZonePlace - General/Entertainment Discussion

    Nice forums. Not too keen on the navigation bar but good luck with your forum.

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    I think the navigation buttons would be better off blue.

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