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Thread: Why do I see different Rankings Results in your tool & my browser?

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  1. Question Why do I see different Rankings Results in your tool & my browser?

    Please remember that results which you see in Google from your browser may be different from what you see in reports of our Keyword Tracker.

    That's because results may be varying according to Google data center you're hitting. Google has about ~50 different data centers. Our position checker tool checks your site rankings from the main Google data center (which provides the most up-to-date data). Meantime, if you hit any different data center than our tool uses, you will see different results (each data center may have its own results). So if you see different results in Google, please check them again a little later - give it some time to update the data in all its data centers.

    More info about How Google Data Centers Work:
    [ame=""]Matt Cutt's video about Google data centers[/ame]

    Yaroslav Korchagin
    SEO Tools For SEO Experts Team
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