- "Using your Keyword Tracker Tool I've noticed that my site's rankings fell down. Why? Is that normal?"

Yes, this is absolutely normal and not dangerous or harmful. All websites always lose some rankings for some keywords and get improvements for others at the same time; later, for some other keywords they go up and for others they go down again; and so this continuously goes on. That’s normal. There are many reasons why this can happen. Here are a few of them:
  1. Usually that's just a search engines 'test'. Google tries to check if you buy links to your website, or if they are natural.
    Search engines know that if you buy them, most probably you'll be scared by these rankings fall and stop to buy them - this will raise red flag to search engines and let them know that those links were most likely bought. If you stop to build new links, your rankings may stay low and not go back.
    If you continue to build new links to your website, this will indicate to search engines that these links are natural and your website rankings will go back and improve.
  2. Search engines are constantly changing: as search engines continue to develop and improve, their algorithms continue to change. This may also result into rankings drop.
  3. You`ve got competitors. And they are probably also not sitting around twiddling their thumbs.

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Yaroslav Korchagin
SEO Tools For SEO Experts Team