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Thread: Alert!!!!!!!!!! Da King of da Wackos is here!!!!!!

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    Wahhhh! Welcome Nintendo.

    /me gets a list of .htaccess questions.

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    woot welcome to NB, King of Wackos!!!

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    If there's something new on your shoulders . Not any repeated DP pics
    Quote Originally Posted by Nintendo View Post
    Now, buddy...*hint*King of da Wackos user title.*hint*

    Can I start posting PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SEO girl...

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    Welcome man! Too bad I haven't heard of you Where are you known from? Except your name.. I can't seem to find anything

    Please share why you're so known by everbody
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Welcome to NB
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    Quote Originally Posted by Digital View Post
    is she colleen ?
    what's colleen? :O

  8. oh man this person attacked NB forum too . Guy now get ready for real entertainment . He is the real king of fun time .....

  9. hahahahaha lol third last image is amazing . You can make anyone cry .............

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