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Thread: Ello Mate

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    Re: Ello Mate

    Fair enough.

    Have you heard of Pastor Manning?

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    Re: Ello Mate

    No actually I havent.

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    Re: Ello Mate

    Ah right... Google/YouTube him, he's hilarious.

    What do you think of Obama?

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    Re: Ello Mate

    Haha alright

    I like him, he just hasent taken exactly the right steps so far.

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    Re: Ello Mate

    Favourite Micheal Jackson song?

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    Re: Ello Mate

    Smooth Criminal :P

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    Re: Ello Mate

    Most trouble you've ever got in at school? (hoping for funny story)

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    Re: Ello Mate

    Haha do I have one for you :P

    Ok, so me and Dalton were out during band, Shaw told us to go a bring some of the empty cases over to the terrace, the building block the our school owns, we went in the room and brought stuff over, well we used his Jeep to carry them and there was no space, so we got out his light blue duck tape, and tape some of them with the trunk open so we can drive them over. Terrace in on campus BTW. So we drove it over, and put them up, I drove him back and I had to drive up on the grass to the side of the band hall. I hit the curb wrong and hit a parked car. The 'school police' I hate them, came up and talked to me and him. I had to pay for damages :P

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    Re: Ello Mate

    Haha, fail :P

    Funniest website?

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    Re: Ello Mate

    A whole site dedicated to pushing a red button. It is just a big button in the middle of the screen that you can click :P Can't find a link now.

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