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Thread: Ello Mate

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    Re: Ello Mate

    Ah, personally I prefer Failblog. Always fresh material :P

    Do you smoke or drink?

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    Re: Ello Mate

    Yeah lol :P

    I had smoked once before, didn't like it. But I drink socially. Like during big football games or some big party. I am never really 'drunk'.

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    Re: Ello Mate

    Are you a lightweight when it comes to getting drunk? :P

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    Re: Ello Mate

    Hmm, lightweight, you mean like really dizzy?:P

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    Re: Ello Mate

    No, I mean do you get drunk easily :P

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    Re: Ello Mate

    Oh, sorta :P It kinda depends on the drink I have, generally not.

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    Re: Ello Mate

    What's the most difficult experience you have come across in your entire life?

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    Re: Ello Mate

    Probably handling a friend who died, he was in band so we held a whole ceremony.

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    Re: Ello Mate


    Favourite TV show?

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    Re: Ello Mate

    Favourite artist? (apart from MJ :P)

    [quote name="The Hat Tipper"]Smooth Criminal :P[/quote]

    Same here. :tup:

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