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Thread: Greetings NetBuilders

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    Arrow Greetings NetBuilders

    I go by Trudgernaught. I'm an internet marketer with tons of whitehat and blackhat internet marketing experience, yet I've never had the time to put it to work for me. I do now, and therefore I will give it my all. I'm a college student, not going to say where, and I enjoy making money, so this is definitely the place for me. You won't see me posting much that's under a paragraph or two. I usually peruse until I fond something or somewhere where I can contribute to make it actually count and make a point for myself.

    I rather like the idea of $NetBucks. It's a catchy method that will definitely aid Net Builders in growing at a faster rate than the other four Forums I have joined recently (Digital Point, Black Hat World, Wicked Fire, and Warrior Forum). This one is probably going to become my favorite. Sincerely,


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    Welcome to NB, the forum that rocks!! Do enjoy your stay here

    Let us know:

    Also remember to check out:

    Plus visit the marketplace for some great deals: Marketplace - Net Builders

    To your success,

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    welcome to the forums Trudgernaught
    I offer vBulletin Services (5+ years experience & over 600+ documented clients)
    I help run a successful Admin Forum and play around on a vBulletin Connect setup.

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    Welcome to NetBuilders! Enjoy your stay, and I hope you'll learn a lot of stuff here
    |Nico Lawsons

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    welcome to NB.

    Enjoy your stay with us.
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    Hello and welcome to the NB Community!

    Enjoy your stay. (I'm sure you will.)

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    Hi Trudgernaught

    Welcome to NB,

    Hope you will enjoy your stay here!

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    Welcome to NB community.


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    Welcome to the forums. Nice to have you around.

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