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Thread: Hello Net Builders!

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    Hello and Welcome


    Quote Originally Posted by Tyler View Post
    Hello Net Builders, my name is Tyler. I originally met Will.Spencer at Digital Point, and eventually wrote some articles for him.

    Recently, I noticed his name and the name of this forum in a couple of articles and interviews. After spending some time browsing around, I realized this is truly a top notch forum, so I decided it was time to join and become part of the NB community!

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    hi Tyler! welcome to NetBuilders. the best webmasters community! I'm certain you will enjoy your stay and hopefully learn from others and share your experience.

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    Hey Tyler, glad to have you here at NB.
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    Welcome Tyler.

    But you must know this:
    robjones is not a real Texan.

    I am a real Texan!

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    Hi Tyler,

    Welcome to NB. Nice to see new members.

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    Hey folks,

    I'm also newbie here. Hope, I will enjoy my stay over here.

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    Welcome to NB

    Enjoy your stay......
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    My name is Tyler too!

    Ok I lied, it's actually Killswitch.. See..


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