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    Hey guys, EvanP is here!

    Your Admin, Scrouge, advertised this forum on Advertise Hotspot, and i dismissed it as one of those forums that won't reach 500 posts before it closes. Anyway, you've proved me wrong, so i've joined up and will probably be fairly active here.

    So, welcome me in this thread!

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    Re: Hey!

    Welcome, person from AH.

    I don't know if this place will last, but it's interesting enough content and interaction wise, and pleasant enough aesthetically, and that's all that matters for someone generally interested in Internet forums, as I am.

    Also, at least two people joined my forum because of my participation here, which is pretty cool. I wish to participate as thanks for that, too.


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    Re: Hey!

    Thanks for the welcomes guys!

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    Re: Hey!

    Hey EvanP! Welcome! If you apply for the bundle team we will be working together again.

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    Re: Hey!

    Sorry 50Cent, don't really have a lot of time, i'm running two sites at the moment, juggled with real life, i don't really have enough time for another job.

    Sorry dude. But hey, feel free to apply for a position at my new promotion forum, check out my topic at this forum.

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    Re: Hey!

    Send you a PM!

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    Re: Hey!

    Welcome to Topsite101!

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    Re: Hey!

    Hello and welcome to Topsite 101 EvanP! It's great to have you join us. If you have any questions, problems or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me via PM or Email. I hope you enjoy.

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