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Thread: Hey all

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    Hey all

    Hi everyone, Econox here.

    Hope to meet the rest of you soon

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    Re: Hey all

    Hey there Econox welcome to CF I hope you have a pleasant stay here.

    Just curious is there still allot of snow in Cananda ? Because here in Belgium it has melted away. lol

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    Re: Hey all


    Welcome to CF

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    Re: Hey all

    Welcome, any questions don't be afraid to ask

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    Re: Hey all

    Hello and thanks for the welcome.

    There was a snow storm a few days ago and it piled up quickly. But now most just melted away, so it's not so bad. Some days a lot, some days not.

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    Re: Hey all

    ha, Same happend here in Ireland :L . Well welcome to CF

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    Re: Hey all

    Welcome to CF mate. Hope you enjoy it

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