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Thread: Hey everybody!

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    Hello everybody! Seen this great forum another forum. Just had to register and talk, maybe help other people out. I used to be an admin. on alot of forums, but unfortunitly, it got boring to me, so I stopped. That was awhile ago, I dont plan to start up a huge forum, and run it myself, but I may start a new one, and get help to run it.

    There is so many things I like about the forum, like the banner/logo, the forums themselves, and the layout is great. I will surely stay around for awhile. By the way, my name is Richard. I live in Florida, USA (I just wanted to mix the intro up, alot of people list there personal info at the top, but I've done so many that I decided on the bottum).

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    Nice introduction

    Welcome to Admin Community and I hope you enjoy being a member here.

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    Thanks, I added it to my favorites list.

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    Just what SBFC said.. Nice Introduction... Well anyways, welcome to Admin Community and it is great to have you here with us

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