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Thread: Hey Everyone!

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    Hey Everyone!

    Hey Everyone! I'm Tyler or Twis7ed. I've recently joined Community Forums as tech admin my job here is to install mods, help solve forum problems and other administrative issues, so if you run into any issues and I'll be happy to fix them. I have a lot of foruming experience and was offered this job based on my experience and I'm glad to be here and help out. That's about it, really. If you'd like to get to know me more, you can just ask!

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    Re: Hey Everyone!

    Hello Twist7ed, what does the 7 do in your username ? Does it have some meaning ?

    Welcome to CF looking for ward to knowing you better.

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    Re: Hey Everyone!

    The 7 is there just to make the usename unique is all

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    Re: Hey Everyone!

    O I see, what made you intersted in forums ? I because I got warned for some little reasons on a big forum and I wanted to take responsibility in my own hands.

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    Re: Hey Everyone!

    I'm not really sure I guess a friend I mine asked me to help him with his forum and that got me interested.

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