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Thread: Hey everyone - from Razztek

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    Hey everyone - from Razztek

    I'm glad to be a part of this forum. I've been following Swastik on a couple of forums and I have to say that he has taught me a lot! Before taking his flipping course, I was one of these guys always planning something good, but never really acting on it. Just a couple weeks after being in his course, I sold my first two blogs and soon sold a third.

    Now I'm working on 2 smaller blogs for people, one larger blog project, a product flip, and several other things all looking profitable. I'm looking forward to being a big part of this forum and helping out where I can - learning from everyone - so everyone benefits.

    - Rob

  2. Welcome to WMP!!
    Rawk on!

    Shoot me a PM if you need anything.

    And just wanted to add swas is just uber cool
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    Hey Rob,

    I'm sooo glad to see you active here. And yeah, your biz is goin' great!!

    Welcome and enjoy around!
    Build businesses, not quick money makers.

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