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Thread: Hey Guys!

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    Hey Guys!

    Hey! Glad to meet y'all. I'm Cosmic.

    I'm a big fan of php and web designing. I'm currently working on two projects, a RuneScape guides site and a forum software. Nice to meet everyone.

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    Re: Hey Guys!

    Hey Cosmic

    Glad your apart of the staff team.

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    Re: Hey Guys!

    Welcome to the forum, hope you do a great job as staff

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    Re: Hey Guys!

    Hello Cosmic Welcome to Admin Community. I'm also a fan of Webdesigning and coding but at the moment I only know html and css and soon expanding my knowledge anyways, good luck with your staff position and have fun .

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    Re: Hey Guys!

    Hey Cosmic. Welcome to Admin Community. Good luck with your staff position.

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    Re: Hey Guys!

    Thanks guys.

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