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Thread: Hey there

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    Hey there

    Thought I might as well post a introduction.

    I'm xCuCu, Admin Community's community team leader. It's great to be apart of the staff and hope to see you all around

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    Re: Hey there

    Hello xCucu. Nice to see you posted a introduction.. now we know so much about you !

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    Re: Hey there

    I wouldn't say you know so much about me :P

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    Re: Hey there

    (Sarcasm i would believe...)

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    Re: Hey there

    Welcome to the forum and the best of luck in the Community Team Leader position.

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    Re: Hey there

    @ Keitho - Thanks for the sarcasm then

    @ Sbfc - Thanks

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    Re: Hey there

    No Problem mate.

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    Re: Hey there

    Welcome to AC! Enjoy your time here and good luck with the staff position.

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