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Thread: Heyyy

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    I'm Matt. I am 20 and from London, England. Currently engaged in starting a new project soon.

    Looks like a nice place here

    Nice to see a place that won't ban you for idiotic reasons.
    Nice to see you all


  2. Welcome to WMP, Matt

    Yes, we are as friendly as possible and no stupid bans :P
    My Blog- Let's Get Talking!
    Are you on Twitter? Let's become friends!

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    Welcome to WMP Matt, nice to see you around.

    You from DP?

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    Welcome to Webmaster Peers, Matt4
    I like your pic

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    Yup, I'm from DP. Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the comments on the pic

    How many posts till I can trade here?

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    Welcome to WMP, Matt4

    You need only 15 to create threads.

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    Thanks for the welcome and answer

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    Jul 2009
    NC, USA
    Welcome to the forums, nice to have you around! Hopefully you're here for the community as well as the trading.

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    I'm here for both. A good quality community where I can de-stress and trade with people who won't mess around

  10. welcome To wmp. Looking forward to your threads

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