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Thread: Hi All, Good.Karma checking in.

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    Hi All, Good.Karma checking in.

    Hello Netbuilders,
    I landed here today through
    Memes are units of human thought which evolve and propagate by natural selection: variation, mutation, competition, and inheritance.
    I'm relatively good with English, so perhaps I should get some sleep before typing anything else.
    Have a great night/morning/day everyone.

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    If there is on thing we all need it's Good.Karma. Welcome to NB

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  3. Hello there,

    and welcome to the forum and to the community.

    This is a very nice forum and I am sure that you will enjoy your stay; make the most out of your presence here!

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    Welcome to NB

    Nice to meet you,
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    Thanks all, it is nice to be here.

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