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Thread: Hi All, nice digs you got here :)

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    Hi All, nice digs you got here :)

    After a long leave, I have decided to get back in the game. Open to all suggestions and criticisms. Thanks!

    My tech site is complete and ranking #1 for all of the keywords I have targeted, The one I need some suggestions on is

    Need to get that to rank #1 for keyphrase, "Wisconsin injury attorney" and "Wisconsin injury lawyer"

    Any suggestions welcome!

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    uh welcome back

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    Hmmm, hire Aziz to do a new site template for you! I haven't mucked around with law stuff enough to help I'm afraid.

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    Is this THE Henny, who disappeared from DP a few years ago?
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    It is, I have been working hard on a couple projects and got sick of the forums. Will turned me onto this place.

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    Hi, Henny

    Glad to meet you on netbuilders forum and wish to see you around. Also, I think it might need you to work more on SEO since your site is on a really hot niche.

    All the best,
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    welcome back
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