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Thread: Hi, Matt here

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    Hi, Matt here

    Hi all,

    I'm Matt from Manchester, England...

    A bit about me I guess - I program mostly in php, jquery and the ubiquitous html and css.

    I've pretty much done everything from simple pages to full flash sites, I've also been heavily involved in xml integration, api development and adobe air apps.

    I'm a programmer at heart but have a background in graphic design and fine art, which I guess makes me pretty odd.

    follow me @web_ape and be dissapointed because I mainly rant about the lack of coffee in the office.

    Looking forward to getting involved with the community here,

  2. Hey Matt! Firstly, thanks for joining

    We need pro's like you on board.

    Hope to see you around!!

    PS. To those who are wondering how I fixed the forum width problem, it was Matt.
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    Welcome to the forums! Nice to have you around.

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    That's a nice intro

    Welcome to Webmasterpeers, this is a really nice community.

    Hoping to see more of you

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    A 'welcome' from one newbie here to another
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    Welcome Matt, I hope you have fun here with us
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    Hello Matt, nice to see a pro like you here

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