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Thread: iJerick.. :D

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    iJerick.. :D

    Name: iJerick

    Age: 13

    Sex: Male

    About me: Cute.. xD

    Language: Filipino | English

    Skills: Graphics | CSS | JS | HTML | PHP

    Hope im welcome here.. xD



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    Re: iJerick.. :D

    of course you are, everyone here is nice, you know, hehe~ ^^

    so welcome to CF! I hope you enjoy your time here and good luck with your forum...

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    Re: iJerick.. :D

    Everyone is welcome here, Welcome to CF I hope you are going to have a great time with us!

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    Re: iJerick.. :D

    Welcome to Community Forums!

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    Re: iJerick.. :D

    Welcome to CF.

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    Re: iJerick.. :D

    Hey Guys, Thanks for the "HOT" Welcome..

    Sanket: Do you remember me? xD

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