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Welcome back! Bit late, but anyways

I'm kinda in the same position like you -- selling everything, starting from scratch but I don't know what I will start. I'd like to read books about programming instead but also create one or two sites that I update with 2 or 3 articles daily and do a few hours of promotion along with the studying. Let's see where the future brings us!
It's probably a good idea to learn programming. I was considering that a while back but did not end up going very far with it. Instead a kept focusing on content/informative websites.

My old strategy was not really working that good so I have analysed where I went wrong. This time I am not going to get attached to any specific website. Instead I have a larger quantity of websites that are targeted at more specific keywords. Also, I have only been working when I feel like it and not forcing myself to work when I don't want to. At the moment I am setting up a website each day.