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Thread: I'm back

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    I'm back

    Hey guys, I'm back after getting rid of everything (sites, domains etc) and having 12 months off.

    I'm looking to get back into it and you will probably see me around more often here.

    If anyone has any ideas/suggestions of what to get into, feel free to post them here. I don't really know what I will go into at the moment, whether I will stick to content websites as before or try something entirely new.



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    Welcome back


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    nice to have you back! it looks like you owe some people netbucks

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    Hi GameOver, nice to have you back on this great forum he he he

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    Welcome back. And hope you will not go offline now
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    Hi there, how is it down under these days?

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    In my Home
    Welcome Back Andrew .

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    Hey, welcome back.

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    Welcome back! Bit late, but anyways

    I'm kinda in the same position like you -- selling everything, starting from scratch but I don't know what I will start. I'd like to read books about programming instead but also create one or two sites that I update with 2 or 3 articles daily and do a few hours of promotion along with the studying. Let's see where the future brings us!
    |Nico Lawsons

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