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Thread: Interview me

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    Interview me

    If you have any questions within reason, I'll happily answer them for you.

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    Re: Interview me

    Favourite team in the EPL?

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    Re: Interview me

    Probably Manchester City at the moment, I like Villa as well though.

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    Re: Interview me

    [quote name="Sbfc"]Probably Manchester City at the moment, I like Villa as well though.[/quote]

    Your not a Barry fan are you? hno2:

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    Re: Interview me

    Barry's ok, don't think he's playing as well as he did at Villa though.

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    Re: Interview me

    Favourite player in the EPL?

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    Re: Interview me

    Probably Cesc Fabregas, great player.

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    Re: Interview me

    What do you think about Milner playing in the center for Villa?

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    Re: Interview me

    I think he's doing well in the centre and has adapted to his new position very quickly.

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    Re: Interview me

    Who are your rivals? (Sbfc's rivals)

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