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    I ma anny goal from USA canada . I have small business in USA . Net suffering is my hobby so i am here and joining this form . I like to feel very happy to gain more knowledge.


    { fake signature link removed by mod - and do not try to tell people you are from USA or Canada - you are in India }
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    I love those who try to pretend they are who they are not, they are in a country they are not.
    They must believe they will not be found out!
    Geesh, so simple to do really, so why bother trying to say you are in USA when you are not?

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    Hey annygoal. They do have a valid point. You're more than welcome here, and we have a diverse crowd from all over the globe. Just be honest with them, cause they can spot a fake. No gain in telling a tale that isn't true anyway... We dont really care what country someone is in.

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    I am Marian came across the Google search and find the web site one where all kind of activities care able by the admin.such go. i do okay to say !! and feeling nice among great hosting community. Looking for sharing a lot of stuff here. Thanks for such good website.

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