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Thread: (Introduction Thread) Who are you and why are you here?

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Red_Virus View Post
    Hi Guys, I am Red_Virus from DP and this looks to be a nice community
    "Community", I like the sound of that.

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    It's 8:20am and I need to get ready for school... But it's pissing down with rain -- so that's not helping me get off the couch. That's why I'm here at the moment -- to think that I've just lost my Monday/Wednesday/Friday mornings to cycling (I'm going to need to wake up at about 4:45am)!

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    I'm Aquarezz... banned on DP with no reason and that's why I'm joining some other forums
    I'm mostly doing things with proxies and euhm.. that should be it...
    Ow, I'm only 15 but I earn like adults and I live in Belgium (government takes 21% off all money I earn )


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    Hi All, I'm budhi1976, live in Indonesia, a newbie in proxy world and always ready to learn all about it. Currently running a tiny proxy network of 10 and expanding it in timely basis, also running a Free Glype Theme Collection blog.

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    Hey guys,

    Well my name is obviously Nathan and I currently run my own hosting and web development company -

    I personally am a PHP coder and we are also contracted work from other companies. I live in New Zealand (I hope you know where that is ) and love it.

    So yea I thought I would just say hey


  6. I'm here because Will has asked me to join. I hope to meet some proxy webmasters here...

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    Hola Folks,

    This is Ash, and i'm stuck somewhere between India, Somalia and the United States of America.

    I'm here because Will ( the biggest inspiration to me EVER! ) has come up with this amazing new forum ( to my surprise ).

    I'm pretty sure that this forum will kick-ass.

    And, well about me - i'm an 18 year old entrepreneur and I run a venture specializing in online marketing consulting and implementation.

    I additionally run another startup which does a bunch of other things including domain squatting, arbitrage and content sites.

    I'm currently looking at expanding my online marketing firm and constantly go on hiring and firing sprees ( evident from the fact that i've hired and fired hundreds of people in the last year or so ).

    If any of you folks need to help in "realizing" your goals of a business empire - I suggest you ask the Gurus out here, and I could also help you a wee bit


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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    "Community", I like the sound of that.
    Sounds much better than Village !
    Jer - OWNER HostDrive.Com and

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    I have been offline for 2 days and see some nice activity. Welcome to the newcomers!
    I am also a writer for Serpholic Media. You can find some of my articles here: Serpholic Media Blog

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    Dec 2008
    strongly suggested by Alex, after much interest in this field...part of my quest to deepen my love affair with my pc and mac. looking to learn and gain confidence

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